It is a question of dosage, of course, the temperatures are hot, but you can make the adapt and appropriate measures.

Enough liquid, the drink is called every few minutes. In a 90-minute workout, a player can lose loose two to three liters of fluid, you should replace it. We have also set out a refrigerator, the drinks are already cold. And if the players jump after the Training in the Tegernsee, that is certainly also useful.

The morning training it, not because of the intensity of the game. In the afternoon training, we have pushed but to the rear. Now we train at 17 o’clock instead of at 15.30 hrs.

I have never experienced, but then we would speak of a classic sun-down. Then you have to take the player in the shadows, and it slowly cool down.

I have been with the heat for basically no effort at my workplace, no fan is running. But I also see that I replace the fluid. If I’m not training for me is that I put my run at 12 noon.