On Monday said Christian Constantin, he will leave Yakin in the office and at most of its Staff replaced. Even today at 7.52 a.m., he know to the question of what he had definitely decided: “The solution is that make them to work hard.” And suddenly everything is different again: Shortly before 14 o’clock of the FC Sion on Twitter that they had issued a Communiqué “to the current Situation of the club”. It is the pop-Communiqué!

Because it says: “The way to do things, coupled with the series of negative results in the last Games, has led the club management to give the men’s Murat Yakin and Marco Otero early holiday until the end of the current season.”

as a reminder: Yakin, and Otero had not stayed in before the Games in Thun and Zürich against FCZ in the team hotel, and this with a traffic jam and a few rooms to be justified. The research of CC had shown that at least in the case of the hotel Thessoni classic in Regensdorf rooms would have been available.

which is Why it is in the Communiqué further called, in a rather smug tone: “On the eve of the game against FC Zurich on 28. April, have not found it the coach and his assistant is necessary to be part of the Team, in order to give the preparation for this big game the final touch. The President has also stated that there have been such absences already in the case of other trains in the last few weeks. This behavior is judged to be opposite to the requirements, which must respect a Staff to his or her responsibility to a professional cadre work.”

instead of Yakin, and Otero, Christian Zermatten and U21 coach Sebastien Bichard coach the Team, supported by… Christian Constantin.

Although it is said in the Communiqué that effective measures would be treated in relation to this Situation after the end of the season, because the club have at the Moment is more important sporting, is clear: this is The end for Yakin in Sion! Never the proud Basler will come back after a time-out to a President who has put him in public only.

PS. The importance of the importance of the Mission League stop and avoid the Barrage, pulled back the FC Sion of the appeal to the International sports court against the European Cup-lock on the part of Uefa.

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