On Tuesday, the handle Milan Vilotic to the phone and congratulated Uli Forte to 45. Birthday. A matter of honor, and finally caught up with GC in the 2013 Cup – the last Triumph of the record master. And not only that: “Uli is one of the best coaches I ever had,” says Vilotic about his Ex-boss.

Today you are enemies, when GC home game against FC St. Gallen reaches for the last straw. And the aspens are struggling to free themselves from a threatening situation. You will lose in Zurich, and wins Xamax, Thun, St. Gallen’s ninth – the nerves in the Kybunpark are eager to shoot with many to Tear.

Not those of Vilotic. “Who is the Eighth, also belongs to this place. But it’s not missing much, and we are third. Since we belong rather than on the ninth.”

He says, and emits what is missing to the St. Gallern in this season so often: calm, mental maturity. Nervousness is affecting him. Why? Vilotic says: “I had an interesting life.” He says: his cancer, about which he spoke often. Sporting highs and Lows with GC and YB. To be bearers of hope and dropped experienced.

In St. Gallen, he is in the summer, as the king transfer, as a Stabilizer for the young Defensive. He fumbles but on several occasions, starting from September, from the Team. And not playing until March. The Predicate Transfer Flop? Is only logical. Vilotic: “I know exactly what I did when it is false. I never had trouble to admit it.” Nevertheless, he contributed in the last few weeks, the hopes of the St. Gallen on reliability, especially on the side of the 17-year-old Leonidas Stergiou and the 21-Year-old captain Silvan Hefti. With the courage of the human despair Zeidler returned to Vilotic, whose integrity was praised in Training, he always.

The trouble with Yakin

The Serb sees himself already as a fighter for the cause, as a representative of the Team and the club – not as smelly boots. This label he wore after his departure in Zurich a year ago. “I know that much has been written about me. But you can believe me: I went all the success.”

at the beginning of 2017, he returns after three years in Bern to GC, Captain, and believes that the strife in the club of jeopardising the success. “In GC far too much policy is made. Team, coaches, and bosses have never pulled together. There were too many external influences. We never had peace. I wanted to change that.” He chooses the wrong path – at least for boss Murat Yakin looks like it.

A dispute with the coach escalates. Vilotic criticized him in a team chat, the ratio is not more kitten. Vilotic has to go. Regret he does not like his words: “I wanted this one goes out to the media. But I would not be able to sleep if I hadn’t said my opinion.”


The sporty crash leaves him cold. To much links him with the Hoppers. As is logical, he feels it all the same. “The results speak for themselves. Nevertheless, I have feelings for the club and the utmost respect for the Fans. And if a GC can save, then Uli.”

his reputation was compromised after the story with Yakin, he knows so little, he feels guilty. “I am of St. Gallen grateful that you have given me the contract.” Therefore, he would also like to stay beyond summer. His contract runs out.

It would be the Chance of a better Zeidler-System into being. Unconditional high-Pressing, fast-paced switch, lot of 1:1 duels – dirty implementation can be disastrous. Vilotic: “It is completely new to me. I’ve never played. All the Details have to fit. But I believe it.”

his nerves will not fail.