YB is the master. And that Basel Vice-master, seems also clear. In other words: The two top clubs are caught up, the two places for the Champions-League-qualifiers are off, the voltage on the table top.

But what of the squares of three and four? After all, this would entitle them to qualification for the Europa League. However, it seems that wool no team to Europe.

Not Thun, Luzern, St. Gallen, Zurich, Sion. Otherwise, the snails race in Super League is difficult to explain. Since 8 weeks FC Thun successfully defended rank 3 – without a win. 4 failures, 4 in a draw, so the meager yield.

But tuna Winless strategy goes so far, because the competition weekend trips for the weekend. The teams – with the exception of the top teams, YB and Basel, and the final light GC – closer together.

YB: 26 points Basel: 20 PunkteXamax: 16 points Lugano: 15 points Sion: 13 punk test. Gallen: 10 points Zurich: 9 points Luzern: 9 points tuna: 8 PunkteGC: 5 points

Lugano, Zurich and Lucerne at rank 8 at present, there are only 3 points behind Sion on place 4, be entitled to the Europa League-qualification.

For all those Who look forward can hope. Who is looking, to the rear, must tremble. Because Xamax to the Barrage-the place is only 5 meters and coming closer. The Team of Stéphane Henchoz has to Play YB and Basel the best points average from the last 10. Extrapolating this average to the remaining seven games and rounds mathematically, this results in the following number of points at the end.

YB: 96Basel: 67Sion: 46Thun: 45Lugano: 45St. Gallen 43Zürich 40Luzern 40Xamax: 40GC: 26

GC from the singing rises and quietly. With Xamax, Lucerne and Zurich, a three – team point would be equal to the goal difference would decide who needs to be in the Barrage.

And the front? Sion grabs space 3! Europe would be qualified, were it not for the barrier of the Uefa. This lost Sion for a transfer pass, and the castle of Sion, for two years from all European competitions. Christian Constantin will fight before the CAS against the barrier, the judgment is still open.

Thun and Lugano would be the point right behind it, the Team with the better goal scoring records playing safe European.