Vincent Fragnière (44) has been for five years editor-in-chief of the Valais “Nouvelliste”. And he is a Football fan. For two years he writes again about football, after he had written 20 years ago as a youngster already match reports on Regional football games. Now it is FC Sion. In a two-weekly column called “La chronique FC Sion”, which he launched in front of one and a half years.

he takes no sheet before the mouth. He also criticized the CC. And he dared to call CC to his attack against tele-club-expert Rolf Fringer as not more portable for the Olympic candidacy of Sion 2026. Launched you had CC. And now he is kicked out because the vile out.

“Constantin boycotted us,”

Too much for the soul of self-cast CC.

He reacts. And locks the door in July of 2018, the “Nouvelliste”. No accreditations for the games. No more invitations to media events. No more Interviews with Staff and players. “Christian Constantin boycotted us,” said Fragnière. “You may as well call the. And the emphasis is on ‘us’. Not me. He is boycotting the entire newspaper. We can not work properly.”

Since then, this condition. CC sees the case thus: “I have warned Fragnière several times. But he would not listen, and wrote more enormously negative about FC Sion, about me. Eventually the barrel was full!” The Journalist, in turn, no longer wants to talk about. “Because everything is said.”

CC is called a current example for his Thesis: “It’s the Gala of the FC Sion. The ‘Nouvelliste’ writes that Alain Delon. But not a word that Gérard Depardieu to Martigny travels. This is a typical example. All negative.”

He had nothing against Fragnière. “He may even come to the stadium if he buys a Ticket. But we simply do not have the same wave length. He needs me to sell. I have him but not. I told him, therefore, to Ignore us! No more line writes about us!” A suggestion, the Fragnière does not comply. To popular of the FC Sion. Still. “Monsieur Constantin has us dictate anything. This is also why we write more about the FC Sion.”

Fragnière yourself buys Tickets and goes to the games. Against GC, he will be in the Tourbillon. Only CC he is gone never more on the way.

“I’m still talking to Fournier”

Suffering of the Situation, Stéphane Fournier, the man who reported for more than 20 years for the “Nouvelliste” on the FC Sion. “Stéphane is a nice guy. I’m still talking to him. Only he is allowed to use none of it,” says CC. Stéphane, this is the collateral damage in this thing.

“We have taken note of the decision of Constantin-knowledge and a strategy put in place, as we have this Situation in hand,” said Fragnière. “We do our Job. Undeterred.”

that looks like This, in front of the home games, former Sion player anecdotes from the past price and the current team talk. The notes of the Sion players after the Matches coach of Amateur club. To the stadium Fournier is, however, a Sponsor invites him. And the seats are immediately behind that of … CC.

But at some point the Breath goes out with these auxiliary constructions. The Fournier thinks. Fragnière to this topic: “It is Constantin who has made a decision. So, we wait and see what happens after the end of the season. And if he sticks to it, we develop all together a new concept for the new season.”

CC is not going to be active

CC does not disturb the how of appeal moderately in front of his house door, over the FC Sion is reported. “I don’t have to be active and to speak with Vincent. He thinks I’m a moron. And I, he was a dork-brain. So we leave it at that.” The editor-in-chief, for its part, sees it differently: “It’s not about me, but to all journalists of the ‘Nouvel list, can not do their Job as they should. The is pushing.”

Two of the Valais Stieregrinde. In the Clinch, as Eringer fighting cows. With a difference: There is a cow wins and loses. In a duel CC vs Fragnière, there are only losers.