It can be expensive for the Danish Superliga clubs with corona-crisis. Really expensive.

don’t just lose the revenue on match days, which are canceled. Now they can also end up losing the money, as are some of the most important for the Danish clubs.

And it is the millions that roll in from the very expensive tv contracts. It tells CHRONICALLY, which is behind the TV3-channels, in a press release.

“We’re not going to make additional payments for the events that have been postponed, and if the delays leading to cancellations, we expect that right-holders comply with their contractual obligations and refund the already made payments to us,” says Anders Jensen, who is the director of the CHRONICALLY.

In the next two weeks is the League put in the sleep mode, and it will not be played professional football in Denmark. Thus the CHRONICALLY and Discovery, which share the tv rights in the premier League, do not show much live football on their channels.

And that’s it, at least CHRONICALLY respond to now with their announcement to the Danish clubs. The communication is hardly fun for several of the clubs are enjoying the benefits of the good tv-deal, which is negotiated.

For it is tv money, which shoots millions into the premier League and in the clubs. Why does it cost so expensive, if the global corona-pandemic hold in Denmark and postpone the League further.

In these hours there are in the UEFA time in an important videoconferencing on the footballing near future. Here it must among other things decide on what should happen with the Champions League, Europa League and not least this summer’s european championship, who expected to be deferred by one year.