last week, sass theatre Director Federico Emanuel Popov, owner of Zurich’s theatre-ship’s “heart of the barracks”, with the son of Titian in the Letzigrund. The two were amazed at the Challenge League game GC – Schaffhausen not bad, as you wanted to buy a beer.

Titian priests: “We were shocked, because you get the drink no Depot-cups more. Previously, all of the cups had a Deposit of CHF 2, so you could use them again. Now, apparently, switched to disposable plastic cups.”

“We should, but our resources”

the GC has an average of 4’000 Fans per season, Super League club FCZ 8’000. Power with 18 home 000 Fans play 216 per season. Popov and his son suggest that there is a Fan in the section-per-game drink is 1.5 cups per year 324′ 000 plastic Cup directly in the trash.

Popov junior: “We should conserve our resources. Worldwide, we have a huge plastic problem. In almost all animal species, researchers plastic have found particles. In addition, it has been demonstrated in several human plastic in the blood.”

reusable cups have not been proven

what is the reaction of the Letzi-caterers, the Zurich women’s Association? Spokeswoman Claudia Christians: “It is correct that we have removed the returnable Cup System in January of 2018, on a test basis. It has not been proven, unfortunately. The one-way System is customer-friendly and there are less waiting times. Unfortunately, the life cycle assessment of reusable cups was not able to make the elaborate process of cleaning and storage competition.”

Unbelievable, but true: Until January 2018, the reusable were driven Cup to cleaning to Basel. 179 kilometers there and back!

St. Gallen: one-way
FC Zurich: one-way
FC Luzern: one-way
FC Basel: returnable
Sion: returnable
YB: one-way
Servette: ???
Xamax: one-way
tuna: one-way
Lugano: one-way

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