Renato Cedrola had last time, not a Minute of peace. He is constantly being contacted by the Association of official from Kosovo and from Albania. “You call, to provide Kemal for the next games, want to convince him of a Nations exchange”, says Ademi adviser.

For clients this is currently not an issue. Priority very clear to the Swiss national team. “He grew up in Herisau, is at home here, feel, as a Swiss,” says Cedrola.

Ademis is home to Herisau

reference to the homeland of his parents have Ademi hardly. Although parts of the relatives still live in Kosovo, Kemal himself was but only very rarely there. As the family takes refuge during the war in Kosovo, is not Ademi born yet.

His home is a Herisau. There, where the father as janitor in a school works. Where Ademi play for FC Herisau with the Football begins. In the Junior age of the transfer to FC St. Gallen. Via Hoffenheim and Xamax his way to FC Basel.

There, he’s going to shoot stakes last three goals in his first three Starting line-up, confident with the fight and displacement of water in the storm center, thanks to its body is a weapon the size, brings the qualities that made barely a Second. Clear that both the Kosovo as well as Albania, have became aware of on the 196cm giant.

And for the FCB Ademi at the Moment and probably in the near future is extremely important, after Ricky van Wolfswinkel fails at least half a year. For the FCB it goes, despite the lost Champions League qualification, on and on. By mid-December, 14 rounds are to play in the championship. Added to this are two Cup rounds, as well as six group games in the Europa League – a mammoth program!

Also, Germany would theoretically be possible

The Courting of the Albanians and the Kosovars has not been the Swiss football Association (SFV) hidden. The SFV is now actively, Ademis Name is hot discussed. Nati-Manager Pierluigi Tami has been looking for the conversation with Vladimir Petkovic. Whether the coach will use the hunas soon? Or have the advances of Albania in the end the success?

by the Way: Because of Ademi in the baden-württemberg Villingen-is born in Schwenningen, it has also the German citizenship and could theoretically play for Germany.