last week, the Sunrise hit the headlines because of the proposed Acquisition of UPC, this week there is a new designed foreign subscriptions for mobile phone users. This had reduced after Swisscom and Salt (VIEW reported), the prices for Roaming massively.

Although Sunrise is to the stragglers, CEO, Olaf Swantee in the media release combative: “We sell no cheating: We do not claim, we do not provide Roaming, if it’s true.”

it is Actually throttled at the subscriptions “Freedom swiss neighbors” and “Freedom Europe & US” as in the case of Swisscom in accordance with 40 GB, the browsing speed. Even at Sunrise advertised “unlimited Surfing” abroad is only unlimited in the case of a competitor Salt really, even if 40 GB are, of course, a whole lot of data. After all the calls and SMS are unlimited.

Sunrise on the first glance more expensive than the competition

the Sunrise is at first glance not convincing. “Freedom swiss neighbors” without Roaming costs in the neighbouring countries, to 95 francs per month, “Freedom for Europe & US” with 46 included countries 130 francs.

For comparison: In the case of Salt, the “Plus Europe” with the EU, the USA and Canada, including the currently 70 francs a month. In the case of Swisscom, the “inOne mobile go” with the EU/Western Europe, including 80 Swiss francs.

But still, Sunrise can offer to be attractive. On the one hand, the existing customers of the two subscriptions will automatically benefit from it – without the price increase. On the other hand, you can switch at Sunrise the subscriptions at no extra charge and penalty payment.

Exciting unlimited data plan for the holidays

Interesting for customers, the need about just for the holidays, a Auslandsabo or for a longer trip. You can switch from the other three subscriptions for 25 to 65 Swiss francs for a week or a month to foreign countries-flat-rate. This flexibility there is elsewhere.

Or you can use the attractive Option “Travel data unlimited Europe”, the Sunrise from 17. June offers. For 19.90 Swiss francs to Sunrise customers for 30 days unlimited Europe data. This offer is in addition to resolve every subscription and is renewed automatically. You don’t have to bear witness to or remember to switch back to the normal subscription.

Now all three major providers have adjusted their Roaming rates massively. For customers, the price brings benefits, but also the need to expect exactly. If a foreign rate is really worthwhile or whether you go with a cheap Prepaid service plus Roaming packages cheaper, depending on the usage profile is quite different.