Olaf Swantee: I am severely disappointed. I firmly believed that the investors see the benefits of the purchase as well as the Sunrise Management. The Deal would have been, had we been able to in the Swiss telecoms market to move much. It is now time to look forward. We are very successful in the market, increasing shares. This makes us positive.

That’s not true. A couple of weeks ago we were very optimistic. Two proxy advisers from Switzerland and international, have supported the Deal. However, the cancellation of the influential voting adviser, ISS, has broken the back of the Neck.

Up to the time of cancellation of ISS, we were optimistic that the project by the shareholders, is hereby approved. The ISS has also called for the deselection of Peter Kurer and Jens Jesper Ovensen. A majority of the shareholders voted against this. This shows that we were fighting a losing battle. I am convinced that we have done everything right.

There were so many discussions about whether the purchase price is justified or not. A large part of the investors was willing to meet the purchase price. At the same time lament some, in principle, on the strategy of the Sunrise, and whether a purchase of UPC results for strategic reasons even make sense. We were always of the opinion that we do the Right thing for the company.

I have taken over 200 investors. Me on all sorts of discussions involved. You can’t accuse us of doing, to have our own soup cooked.

no, the Deal is off the table. We focus now on the Sunrise without the UPC. In the coming years we will continue with our partners on the Development of the 5G network and other project forward. Long have our wounds to lick is not on our list of priorities.

We have tried everything to convince Freenet from the Deal. Obviously, Freenet represents a different opinion.

The us was aware of. But there’s also a 75-percent shareholders, to whom we are accountable. In addition, activist shareholders were only interested in the Deal and its impact on the share price. Hedge funds, for example, to create a lot of noise to destabilize the share price and thus in the short term, want to make money. But we are thinking in the long term. Also, the competition Commission gave the Deal the green light. Again: The project was a good one!

A rumor, we don’t comment on it.

no, we have done everything to get the Deal. Such projects are important, so that Sunrise can continue to grow. We must now accept that the Deal is failed.

yesterday We had evening talks. The Management and the Board of Directors now want to engage in a constructive dialogue with the investors, as it continues with Sunrise. This is a top priority.

I can assure you that the Board stands behind the Management. Withdrawal is currently not an issue.