the Number of people infected with coronavirus rises in the English city of Liverpool, and it gets people to look at a particular event.

Namely the Champions League match between the city’s flagship Liverpool FC and Atlético Madrid from the Spanish capital.

the Match, which was played for the 11. march, has been criticised several times, and in the light of the worrying smittetal, there will be further criticism from the official teams, writes The Guardian.

It is specifically about Matthew Ashton, who in virtue of the pandemic dissemination is appointed to sundhedsansvarlig in the city.

“It was not the right decision to settle the fight. People don’t make bad decisions intentionally, but the gravity of the situation had not sunk in across government at the time,” he says.

Smittetallet in Liverpool is 309 according to figures from the Danish health and medicines authority in the Uk, while the number for the whole of the Uk is at 33.718.

“even Though we will never get a clear answer, will the match against Atlético Madrid to be one of the cultural gatherings that have had an impact on the number of infected people in Liverpool,” says Matthew Ashton, and continues:

“the Fight should definitely be added to the list of things we can learn from, so that in the future will not be committed the same mistakes.”

Previously Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp has been out and calling it a ‘criminal act’, that the match was played.

the Fight total 52.267 spectators at Liverpool’s home ground, and several thousands were from Spain.

At the time of the match in Liverpool had Spain registered its first death as a result of the coronavirus, like Spain had banned gatherings of more than 1,000 persons.’

Still, the fight in the Liverpool game filled the grandstands.