the Following Heading wore this week, a commentary in the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”: “Bloch party is in crisis mode”.

The Bloch party? What is this, everyone knows: the Swiss people’s party. Blocher and the SVP are one and the same. Just this unity of Person and party was demonstrated again: “Blocher admits at the Zurich SVP” said the “Tages-Anzeiger” on the first page. “Blochers intervention” is to be read in Zurich.

A man intervenes and driven out of the leadership of a cantonal party, because they lost the elections?

In the SVP this is normal, since years already. Christoph Blocher has the party as a feudal Lord of a Well and servants ‘ quarters.

party members – servants?

How to behave, the members of the SVP? Their politicians, the Councillors, the Ständeräte? On muck you? You call discussion? Co-determination at all? Call enough, with views of the Zurich Blocher-coup: “Now!”? Nothing of it. Not today, not yesterday, not the day before yesterday.

Yes, servants behave.

The SVPler see, of course, quite different: as a seasoned “man”, possibly “Froue”. So you want to be in front of the people – her people, of course: legs, with an inflated breast, in the heart of the message of the Federal letter of 1291: “We want to be free as the fathers were.”

But in this party, only one really free to talk, only one, according to him, has only one what to do and to be – the arbiter of their fortunes.

A proud image of these party leaders, these “century figure,” as his journalistic body servant called recently. A sad picture, however, this people’s party, the “Bloch party,” as they may be called, must be specified, counts for the possession of the billionaire.

Yes, Switzerland has its oligarchs party, as they are known otherwise only from the illiberal democracies of Eastern Europe.

For the SVP, each is a Gessler who does not share your view of things: from the EU, this Nemesis, this Habsburg a replacement, to the Swiss Federal court. Against evil forces, is the largest party of Switzerland proves to be revoked constantly. And as the merit of stimulating for
the Republican debate.

hats greets the SVP, and certainly not strangers.

but Where this spirit is, when it comes to the party itself? The libertarian, impetuous, unruly Switzerland spirit? Where, where, where?

Eager and deferential to the SVP greetings-Swiss from a hat: the hat of their Lord.