in the spring may be the UV-radiation harmful to health. The most important questions and answers:

Why is already risk of sunburn?

most of The people have to the Winter is still a ungebräunte skin, what are these sensitive against UV-rays. The altitude of the sun reached the middle of April, it was at least a height such as at the end of August. In addition, can already occur in the spring depending on the weather mini ozone holes, what makes the UV-values increase.

How dangerous the UV radiation is?

UV rays can damage the eye such as connective cause skin inflammation and sunburn on the skin. In the long term, it contributes to the premature aging of the skin. UV radiation is also the main risk for skin cancer. Every year fall ill in the Switzerland on the “black” skin cancer, called malignant melanoma, more than 2000 people. In addition to the UV rays of the genetic influences, especially, if someone is ill.

Who is most at risk?

people with light skin have a higher risk than those with darker skin. More frequently and severe sunburn, particularly in childhood increases the risk of later skin cancer. The skin never forgets, warn specialists.

Where can I find information about the intensity of the UV radiation?

information of the UV Index from Meteoswiss. The higher the number of the UV-index is indicated between one and eleven, the higher the radiation, and thus the risk of sunburn. Starting at a UV Index of three, a protection is required, for example, by clothing or sun cream. From a value of six protective measures are required, starting at level eight, is the stay in the Free discouraged. On the water and on the beach the radiation load is often particularly high.

What is the best radiation protection is?

The lunch hours should be spend better in the house, or at least in the shade. In direct sunlight, a head is recommend cover. Experts also recommend a pair of sunglasses with side protection, i.e., convex lenses, or wide arms, the bear, for example, the character “UV 400”. In addition, care should be taken, even if there is no summer – sun cream with high light protection factor, which is applied 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. It should be at least sun protection factor 15, for children and sensitive people 50+ is recommended.

What helps against sunburn?

The safest way is of course prevention. Who still manages to get a sunburn, cold compresses with chamomile tea as well as Quark help wetlands and yogurt dressings. For the pain anti-inflammatory painkillers such as aspirin or Ibuprofen can be taken. In the case of severe Sunburn with blisters and fever, a doctor should be consulted.


UV-protection-products work in two ways – there are chemical and physical filters. There are two types of sunscreen – ones with chemical UV-filters, and those with physical. In the chemical Filter, the cream-substances trigger a chemical process in the skin. In this, the harmful UV rays are converted to harmless infrared light, or heat. It is to be effective, it must penetrate the cream into the skin. Therefore, 20 minutes before sun exposure, apply lotion. In transparent Sprays, just dry the Filter plug.

sunscreens with physical filters remain on the skin surface, and form there by means of tiny particles, a sort of protective shield. The particles act as mirrors, the UV-reflecting light and a scattering – hence their white color. Physical filters contain the substances “titanium oxide” and “zinc oxide”. Allergic reactions frequently abnormal at presentation but less likely. Disadvantage: you lie like a Paste on the skin.

Today’s products are usually a mixture of physical and chemical Filters. Reapply is necessary: especially if you swim or sweat. A shower will wash away 90 percent of the protection factor. Factor of 50+ to use and plenty of apply – one to two grams per square centimeter of skin. Scalp, ears, neck, and décolleté will not forget!

sunscreen offers absolute protection. Because even the right clothes is a factor, you should be dry. Under clothing it doesn’t need a sun blocker.In the lunch time and early afternoon avoid the sun.

in the shade lotion. Who thinks to be under the umbrella sure is deceiving. Because even here, 50 percent of all the UV coming through still-rays. Sun protection is still needed!Never use sun cream to save. Here you may apply times really thick. For the whole body of between 30 to 50 grams are necessary. A 200-gram Tube should be six times lotion empty.Expensive is not always better. Expensive products often contain additives such as perfume – but can trigger allergies. There are also many reasonably priced products that are good.Twelve months in an open sun-cream-Tube. If you do not lay all summer in the blazing sun, and then cooling was stored, it can be up to twelve months. Otherwise, in the trash!What helps against sunburn: immediately from the sun, and with cold water and refrigerated products maintain. In the case of bubble formation, not necessarily a doctor, to ugly scarring prevent.

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