EU president Charles Michel says that the tools must be used at the right time.

It was an “intense political debate”, and it ended without the desired result for the EU-countries, which lack the emergency relief to the economies in free fall as a result of coronakrisen.

the EU’s heads of state and government could not agree on the powerful fiscal grip, as the Thursday, spent a long evening together – connected through video cameras, computers, and monitors.

A package of initiatives to address the serious economic consequences of the coronavirus, should be drawn up by the eurozone finance ministers “in the course of two weeks”.

The typing of the heads of state and government in a joint statement. It, that they actually issued a joint statement, ended as a kind of success, as there had long been doubts whether the countries could agree on such.

the Finance ministers of the Eurogroup tried on Tuesday evening to agree on fiscal measures. They could not.

Therefore, it was a little longer Thursday evening, Mette Frederiksen, and the other heads of state and government.

along the Way in the meeting suggested the Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, a kind of crisis, since he’s a bit untraditional came with a public announcement that he would refuse to join a common text, and if he had not made his will.

Italy is the EU country worst hit by the coronavirus with the highest number of dead and infected.

As usual, when it comes to the Eurogroup, there was a split between the north and the south in relation to the fiscal measures, the countries are ready to use.

the Countries of the north are opposed to the so-called coronaobligationer, which is a common debt issuance, which should keep your hand under the hardest-hit economies.

It excluded both Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel and the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte after the meeting.

Some EU countries want flexible loans from the EU bailout fund (ESM), and Italy, Spain and other countries in the south have demanded that the loans should be issued without conditions.

What can the Netherlands do not accept repeated Rutte after videomødet Thursday. He requires conditions.

Merkel believes that the ESM is the way, the man should pursue in the first place.

– With the ESM we have, I think, a crisis instrument, which opens up for many opportunities, says Merkel on a tape briefing after the meeting.

the EU president Charles Michel points out that one should use the tools you have available, at the right times.

– the Eurogroup has discussed the various proposals. The ESM fall under these. We have asked the Eurogroup to look at it, says Michel, and continues:

– The important signal is that all member states recognise that this crisis is exceptional, and requires a very strong response, ” says Michel.

the EU countries also spoke about the health aspects of coronaviruses. But in contrast to the two summits held in the last week, filled the economic crisis more on Thursday’s videoconferencing.