Crabs, Bobby pins, headbands, scarves — this summer and fall will be useful for all kinds of accessories. “Kommersant Style” tells us what hairstyles to do with them. Sleek ponytail or posokrushatsya hair sprays and gels to create smooth, high beams and tails — they are never as popular again not only on the runway but also among the stars and stylists. Bella Hadid showed these styling for the spring-summer and autumn-winter shows of Mugler, and for Ariana Grande high ponytail — branded styling. The main thing — to hide the elastic strands, pinning them with Bobby pins. A great example is the jewellery designer Dior Homme and Creator of the brand young An Ambush.Scrunch More casual version that does not require a large number of styling products, sloppy ponytail (or prohost kind of “Malinki”), tied with a rubber band style of the 1980s- scancem. Hair can also be are textured lightly and hastily assembled in a “bun”. Photo: instagram@roomshopvintageПо according to Pinterest, finding images with scrunches up in the search 6309%. Large gum released Balenciaga, Versace, Fendi. Obodrites trend for those who like to wear loose hair. With the help of the rim can create a noticeable accent. Minimalism is useless: choose headbands with pearls, stones, flowers, sequins and spikes. The best ideas found on the runway Simone Rocha and Ulla Johnson. Sakakeeny big trend in hairstyles of the past few seasons, hair ornament various pins. Studded with rhinestones in the form of inscriptions, massive, plastic, animal prints, metal clips with pearls, miniature crabs, or some invisible beings — no rules, be creative and combine the clips together or combine with earrings like Lady Gaga. Platonide one versatile accessory that instantly makes the image elegant. Scarf you can tie as a scarf, wear instead of a headband or elastic bands, as well as to weave a braid. Looking for ideas on the shows of Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana or Jonathan Cohen. Kostromitina summer hairstyle this year actual simple execution of either one braid, bow or scarf, or multiple braids hippie, barely noticeable adorn loose hair. Daria Hermon