Drink, drink, drink! At least 1.5 litres a day. Otherwise, headaches, circulatory problems, and even heat stroke threaten.To abstain from alcohol. He drains the body of fluid.Give up coffee. The caffeine brings the circulation going, but only for a short time. This is stressing the body.Ice-cold beverages to avoid. Cold fluid has to heat up the body to its normal body temperature and sweat even more. Lukewarm fruit tea or water with lemon to drink. Also cold showers and baths are counter-productive, because the blood vessels moving in together. This increases the blood flow to the skin – and we get hot. Better: lukewarm showers.Also helpful: a descending bathroom. In lukewarm water, then slowly cold water run in leave – one deprives the body of heat. Pro trick: in the shower, a little tea tree oil into the Shampoo to give. This cools the head. Only eat light food. Salad, fruit and vegetables also provide for additional fluid intake.Salty food help the loss of Salt to compensate.Spicy Chili, Tabasco or ginger to eat:. That stimulates sweat production, and cooling down the body.On onions and garlic and continue to do, and to his fellow man for the sake of. Only in the morning and in the evening air, when the air is cooler outside. The day shutters down!In the bedroom, wet towels hanging. If you are dry, you will be depriving the air of heat.Ice water in a thermal bottle and put to bed. But beware: Only on arms or legs, on the belly, the cooling can lead to kidney problems.Set-up fans. The highest level run.Professional trick: A towel filled with ice cubes in front of the fan slopes. Outside under the stars to sleep.At home, sleep naked. Cold danger! As the ceiling the best way to take a thin sheet made from natural fibers, such as cotton, silk or linen. Keep a cool head: the head pillow in the deep-pack cooler. Electrical devices in the room off. They heat the room additionally.Have Sex! Because in the heat, the desire is increasing. Reason: genitalia are better supplied with blood, ergo, they are more sensitive. Ideal time for Sex. Is not forbidden it – only the one who disturbs others, can get in Trouble.However, Sex should not be too wild, otherwise the cycle stops!Against the sweating sage tea drinking or in the evening, a little Apple cider vinegar under the armpits polka dots.Also good for: shaving armpits. So the nasty smelly bacteria can find no place.Right clothes to wear. As for the bed linens of cotton silk or linen are recommended. Polyester avoid! The chemical fiber is not breathable.Lace-up ballet flats, Strappy Heels or tight strappy sandals to let the feet to swell. Birkenstock sandals, Espadrilles, Sandals offer more space.A cold cloth on the neck or on the wrists.Forearms, wrists, or legs under cool water. This refreshes the body.A cool foot bath treat yourself. In the office, cooling pads for the feet use. Especially in the case of seated activities can swelling of the feet. Under long hair may jam the heat. So hair to tie up. Sun cream do not forget! It is recommended a minimum of SPF 15.Sport better in the Morning or in the evening bustle. The hotter, the more strenuous the workout for the body. At noon, the heat and ozone levels are highest.As a General rule: Everything is a little quieter.Places to go, where it is cooler: forest, mountains, or wine cellar.The shade of trees is the one preferred of umbrellas – because trees act as a natural air conditioner. Smokers beware: nicotine narrows the vessels, and the body can make the heat worse.And, of course, very important: enjoying the summer. So in the Badi!