The Swiss has this year particularly a lot of time with the planning of your holiday (LOOK told). The summer holidays are just around the corner. It is time to decide where the flight will go. Good deals for Last Minute holiday you can’t find very many. “There are not many Availabilities. For Croatia, Mauritius, the Seychelles or Buenos Aires flights at a good price, but are occasionally available,” says Andreas Marti, the Communications Edelweiss Air, on the request of a VIEW.

Who could not, as yet, always, the should slowly, but surely, to strike. The following destinations are used for Inspiration.

holiday in Europe

Why to the other end of the world, where it is also in our latitudes it beautiful? In the case of Swiss holiday destinations in Europe are popular is just not difficult. Always popular destinations such as Pula and Split in Croatia, but also in the Macedonian town of Ohrid and Tirana, the capital of Albania, are, according to Edelweiss growing in popularity.

The Canary Islands are a true classic, you can look forward to is always on number of bookings. Otherwise it looks as with Italy. “The high level of utilisation from last year will not reach our neighbor quite,” said Marti.

Wers in the summer, nevertheless, somewhat more pulls away, flying over the big pond. Especially in the case of families USA, will be traveling more and more popular. For the more adventurous, the US state of Colorado is currently in the course. There, recreational opportunities in nature, such as Biking, Hiking, or River with plenty of sunshine Rafting.

holiday goes through the stomach

This year, the Swiss also holiday targets will not be popular, the only promise Action, and bathing pleasure a, but also a culinary delight. An example of such a Destination: Vietnam. The country’s cuisine is popular all over the world. A journey of discovery around Ho Chi Minh City, so worth double.

While in Asia it is often vegetarian dishes are available on the card, you in Brazil and Argentina on meat. In South America, Samba, Tango, fantastic beaches and lots of sun and pleasant temperatures lure also.

Paradise Islands

The Seychelles and Mauritius are not only popular Winter Getaways, but also in the months of July and August, a true Paradise. On the dream Islands in the Indian ocean, has a tropical climate all year round. Although there is Winter, fall is the air and water temperatures rarely below 20 degrees. With such pleasant weather for an outing in the way.