Jogging clubs opened in the six parks of the capital. So, short races are regularly organized in the parks “Kuzminki” and “the Gardeners”, and the long and scenic route for fans of Jogging in the Park of the Olympic village. All training takes place under the guidance of professional instructors. Join them for free, but some sports will require pre-registration.

to Develop endurance everyone is welcome at regular sessions Every Wednesday at 19:30 in Central Park (the Avenue of the Large Circle) are strength training with elements of crossfit. Is a fitness trend based on the series of constantly changing functional movements performed at high intensity. And on Fridays at the same time, citizens can join the cross-country training, during which participants overcome in a free rate or (optional) in the framework of the competition race at three, eight and ten kilometers. The route passes through the picturesque alleys of the Izmailovsky Park. Also in the classes participants are taught to overcome while running simple obstacles: for example, to climb over the horizontal and vertical grid. Entrance to workout free, without registration. More information is available on the link.

On Thursdays at 20:00 cross-country training citizens Park invites the Participants meet at the administration building of the Park and after warm-up under the guidance of a professional trainer to overcome the route length of up to ten kilometers. It takes place throughout the recreational areas along the Olympic pond. To participate in the race for ten kilometers invite people with a good physical preparation. And for beginner runners provides a route through the Park with a length of four kilometers. To change and leave belongings in a free locker rooms located in the administration building of the Park.

the Workouts are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19:30. First outdoor athletics stadium, which is located next to the sports school workout begins. It includes joint exercises and exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs and back. Then everyone is invited to participate in the race. The route length of 3.5 kilometers starts from the main entrance to the Park (from the metro station “Tsaritsyno”) and lies along the coastline of the Upper and Middle of the Tsaritsyno ponds. To change and leave things the participants are free in the locker rooms located in the building of the visitor centre. In order to attend the training, please pre-register at the link.

to Join the functional training everyone is welcome in the parks In the classroom under the guidance of an experienced instructor participants waiting for stretching exercises, circular strength training on different muscle groups, as well as the race for a short distance through the picturesque alleys. On Tuesdays at 19:00 and Saturdays at 09:00 training is held in the Park “Gardeners” in the square near the main stage. Pre-registration is required the link. And on Sundays at 09:00 (registration) and on Wednesdays at 19:00 (registration) citizens waiting in the Park “Kuzminki” on the Playground next to the skate Park.

regular workout in the Park “Kuzminki” are held on Thursdays at 20:00 (registration required) and on Sundays at 08:00 (to register). Participants meet at the Playground near the skate Park.

in the Park And training is held on Sundays at the Playground, located left of the main entrance (from the street Ivanovo). Beginning at 08:45. In the classroom, participants will perform along with coach and strength exercises to work all muscle groups, and interval runs for 500 meters. Registration by phone: + 7 (495) 150-17-70.

This summer, treadmills offers many urban parks. For example, the longest running route (eight kilometers) is located in Gorky Park and Fili Park everyone can jog along the Moscow river. In addition, free sports training in the fresh air regularly in the 23 rest areas. For example, to go to classes in Park “Northern Tushino”, “Khodynka field”, in Vorontsovsky Park, and others.