The first model of demokratichno lines Like Yana, osnovannoi creative Director and chief designer of the fashion house Yana Yana Raskovalova, was released in 2018. From the first months things Like Yana won the sympathy of regular customers and gained a place in the wardrobes of pop stars, film and television. Intelligent, sexy, simple silhouettes and idealnyi CROI moved Like Yana inherited from coturno lines of the house. The essential mood of summer collection Like Yana was chosen as the holiday. In addition to light sundresses with tiered ubkoy Ian offers to pay attention to the mini dress with cutout four of a kind, cross-stitch embroidery and voluminous sleeves-puffed. In addition to various dresses, the collection includes cotton and silk pajamas, stroinaia flared jeans in the spirit of the ‘ 70s, airy blouses of pastel shades. Individual attention and accessories. In addition to straw hats decorated with ribbons and beruti, in the collection there are small handbags, eyewear in the form of hearts, and silver jewelry. Pearl chokers, a necklace with a heart on tonkoi chain, leather bracelets and weightless large Hoop earrings complement all the images Like Yana.The new collection is already available in the showroom of the fashion house Yana on Rochdelskaya street.