Actually, vacation enjoyment and recreation during the summer in the foreground. Who wants to take advantage of the free days, but to let a few pounds come off, you should think of one of the waiver is worth it because actually. While diets speak much, not or reduced on the dining plan are the most at least agree that sugar and fat are not.

Which fat is healthy?

The body needs fat. But fat is just fat. Many processed foods and ready meals contain hidden fat, whose consumption is to be avoided. As the “better” fats-unsaturated fatty acids contained in vegetable oils and fish apply. For the animal products occurring saturated fatty acids, the recommendation for moderate consumption is most of the time. This is not to say, however, that in vegetable oil, fried foods are therefore healthier.

In the case of sugar, the same is true: sugar is not the same as sugar. Refined sugar can, in principle, be of the menu deleted. Fruits as a vitamin supplier is important, but it should be remembered that they contain fruit sugar. Especially in fruit juices, sugar-focused – commercially available juices are made up of many fruits While an Apple is usually already a feeling of satiety occurs, consists of Apples, a litre of Apple juice from approx. 1,4 kg.

there Are healthy sugar?

Excess sugar not consumed by the power budget, turns the body in fat. Carbohydrates (sugars) are considered to be the “better” sugar. The consumption of, for example, bread is not sustainable, because the sugar goes directly into the blood, and the blood sugar increases, but first the body is converted must be. Also “whole grain, instead of wheat, is in principle”. For the fast supply of energy and concentration to increase sugar, or other sugar-containing foods are suitable grapes, however, their consumption is in the long term is not healthy.

As with so many things, it is to be observed also in relation to fat and sugar to a healthy level. Too much fat not certainly adds to the dream figure, however, no grease is also good for your health. Carbohydrates are energy suppliers and are of great importance for the body. On refined sugar should be avoided in the ideal case – sometimes you can make but also the pleasure in the foreground, treat yourself to something and to hormones of happiness pour out. Especially fat and/or sugar containing snacks in between meals you should avoid and two to three balanced meals a day for reflection.

There are people that he was sworn in cooking and baking to brown sugar – because they are better for the health. But there are calorie is technically a difference? And brown sugar is actually the healthier Alternative to white sugar?


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The question of what makes thick, sugar or fat, you can not answer. A gram of fat more pounds contains calories than a gram of sugar. Fat is processed differently by the body and absorbed. Especially by an unconditional waiver of fat in sight. Refined sugar must be aware of the menu painted on sugar in the Form of carbohydrates, one should not abandon, however, over a long time – especially if you move a lot.