A dark blue pack with Möndli and Sternli. And a Name that you want to make the bed for the favorite routine: pajamas Malt of the Nestlé Drink for infants from twelve months. “Without sugar” there is also confidence-building for the pack.

The good night Goodie brings but anything other than sleep. Since the glass powder contains about 30 grams of sugar to 100 grams. Sugar is pure energy, and thus the natural enemy of sleep. It is not a crystal of sugar, but the malt sugar, is irrelevant. Sugar remains sugar.

daily dose in one Serving. A Drink of two Dezilitern around 6 grams of sugar, so one and a half sugar cubes. A small child has taken with a Glass already half of the world health organization, WHO, recommended daily dose of sugar. The WHO calculates that, in the case of children, only five per cent of the daily calorie amount of sugar should be omitted.

Almost half of the content of sugar

Even sweeter is promoting the Choco drink Nestlé Bébé Nestlé for children from ten months. Almost half of the content of the Pack consists of sugar. He, too, is sold as an evening (and Morning) drink. With a Pint of two deciliter, the recommended daily is reached, dosage already.

No sugar is under twelve months. The recommendations are clear: children under twelve months should not take any sugar that occurs naturally in foods. At the children’s hospital of Zurich, for example, is cooked for the Little ones basically sugar – and salt-free.

And what a producer Nestlé says? Lactoplus pajamas to Malt in may, with no added sugar, Bébé Choco in October 2019, with 32 percent less sugar on the market.Nestlé Bébé Choco and vanilla are the only products with added sugar.

This article was taken from the magazine “observer”. More exciting articles, see www.beobachter.ch.