The Oktoberfest in Munich (D) attracted a hard-drinking guests from near and far, as a 23-year-old Valais from the French-speaking part. But the young man looks deep into the glass, staggers at the Isartor train station on the tracks of the S-Bahn, the head and not moving (EYES reported).

He owes his life to Tanja E.* (33), a Munich native, the stops at the last second, the running-in end of the S – Bahn just a few metres, before tons of steel, the Swiss were rolled. The seller said afterwards, at the end of September to be a very modest: “I’m not a heroine, so something should be, of course!”

He does not want to show his face

Valais is brought to the hospital, and then with minor injuries discharged. Now, he has not reported in a VIEW, in a small voice, he wants his face in the newspaper appears. His only concern: His rescuer, to thank! “I would like to meet the Person who saved my life,” says the 23-Year-old.

He sends a picture that shows him with an Infusion in the Arm in the hospital in Munich. He is still in the green-and-white Wiesn-shirt, the costume he wore for the Feast, his Hand is black from the dirty track bed, in which he is plunged. There, the Swiss came in slowly, while Tanja E. chose that Saturday morning to the emergency.

“objective: drink beer. Much too much beer.”

A Passer-by the way dragged him finally to the Track and put him on a bench. “I stayed with him until the ambulance was there,” says the seller, Tanja E. After that, she went to work.

The Valais was the only risks for Drinking to Munich. He says: “I went to Oktoberfest with one goal in mind: drink beer. Much too much beer.” Now he wanted to meet Tanja E.. “It will be my honor to meet the woman who I owe my life.”

* Name