– There seems to be a vinterleg start on the week of easter, in any case, from Stad and northwards, with a part snøbyer. Most of the snow will be there in Møre and Romsdal and Trøndelag, tell statsmeteorolog Eldbjørg Moxnes by the Norwegian Meteorological institute.

On the west coast to the south of the City, it cities the first days, which may come as sleet and snow down towards the coast.

– On Sunday is the rising temperature inwards Southern Norway. The dry weather in eastern norway together will continue. Beyond Sunday and the next week the temperature can rise up to 15 degrees at times.

Opportunities for the sun

And it is the hope that påskestarten also can offer some sunshine.

– It is the best opportunity for austanfjells, but throughout the week we will get some sunshine on the west coast. In Northern Norway, skiftande cloud cover at times, but occasionally the opportunity to see a bit of the sun.

So far goes prognosane to forward to Thursday and Friday next week.

– Generally, it is much milder out from the start of next week. For Southern Norway, it longer periods of opphaldsvêr and a del sol. In the north it is much milder, but it will be more precipitation. Although there has been much snow in the north, so watching it is not that it gives off.

the SUN AND the SNOW: This weather can be too much to hope for, but the possibilities are there.

Photo: Christian Fougner / NRK

For the longest in the north have them already a lot of snow in many places, and three places have seen the new snødjupnerekordar.

Last week, it was clear that the government vidarefører koronatiltaka to over easter. Forbodet to travel in the cabin if she did not lie in the same municipality that you live in, is one of the initiatives that are being continued south to 13. april.

– In North-Norway need a not a take on the cabin to go skiing. It is skiing conditions many places where people dwell. So people can stroll out for a walk, or glide in the snow. In Southern Norway, there is more bare ground in the valley, although there are now some places come snow.

Well turvêr

METEOROLOGIST: Eldbjørg Moxnes by the Norwegian Meteorological institute.


Moxnes says there are good possibilities to be out the next days.

– It is nice to take a trip out in the woods, and one can explore the new area. Marka has aeons of space so you don’t need to necessarily go on top of each other there.

And when many might have gone a little on top of each other at home in recent weeks, it may be good to vent a little.

– Yes, there is enough good, even if a not going to flokke themselves together. We have a lot of good to get us out. It will always help with a bit of fresh air, she says.

at the end, how will you samanfatte palmehelga?

” It will be cool vintervêr in Northern Norway and a good deal of snow in Mid-Norway. In the rest of South-Norway, a bit cold, with rain in the west and opphaldsvêr in the east. On easter Sunday, starting probably with the best weather austanfjells, and here it will came continue to be dry, she says.

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