ask me my friend. We stand in front of the town house and waiting for our friend, who immediately joined as a married woman. “No, I’m not.” There are several reasons. The main reason: it will only run Once out of there, and I want to see with my own eyes. Not on a screen. To your rays on her face when she sees us, surprise guests, and your tears of joy I’ll always remember. If I would look at the photo on my phone ever again – hardly.

more and more often, I wonder for special occasions such as weddings or concerts, why many keep track of the event, rather on a small screen, than to enjoy the Moment in real. This constant Holding and then also Send a Unmode the present time. Maybe a bride wants to sent some not at all, that one of these images. Finally, the people that you want to have are. Basta. And maybe the concert want to. visitors also are not constantly on the phones rigid to, the people stretching in front of him in the height

In America has triggered a Smartphone a wedding is a violent reaction. The dedicated photographer is angry because a guest ruined your photo. As the father accompanies his daughter to the Altar – without doubt, an important Moment in a wedding, and none of that can be put in later, that is, suddenly, a woman stretches her hands in the Church of speed and power with your cell phone pictures. The photographer does not have a clear point of view. Your botched photo shares on Facebook and writes an open letter “To the girl with the iPhone”: you’ve ruined your photo, the Moment the groom, the bride and the bride’s father is stolen. She asks: “What are you doing with the image? Are you looking at it every day? The bride would have looked at it many times.” The Post the wedding photographer was divided over 177 000 times and has over 1200 comments.

Message: put away your phone simply from time to time. Otherwise, are you like the lady. And so a lot of public Gestichel sure embarrassing. Hopefully you sent the wedding couple at least your snapshot.