Viola Amherd (56) is the first Head of the defense Department (VBS), which has never been done in the militia army service. Therefore, it is not surprising, if the CVP Federal councillor wants to pick the new chief of the army now, not after the number of stars on the uniform badges.

The successor of Philippe Rebord (61), the required larger medical interventions on the hip and yesterday, therefore, officially announced his retirement at the end of the year, has announced, could be “purely theoretically, a civilian person,” said Amherd in front of the media. The future army chief don’t need a specific degree.

With a civil person is not meant Amherd but any woman, or anyone in Switzerland, as she said in Interviews afterwards. It is not completely free in the choice: It is a requirement will give the profile for this Item, the determination, the Commission defined under your leadership. So the Person had to know the army well, work well in a Team and man can lead.

the Federal Council is free in his choice

According to military law, appointments shall be made according to need and Suitability. “The Federal Council determines the conditions and objectives.” Theoretically, higher militia were officers in question. For example, a militia Colonel in the General staff who holds a senior management position in a company, and the army serves each year.

“The very most likely case is the transport of the higher staff officers of a corps commander, Divisionärs or Brigadiers”, but says VBS spokesman Renato Kalbermatten. The were around 50 very well-qualified people.

Without Rooting in the army don’t

This is also army-insiders and politicians expect. All are agreed that the Rebord-the successor should be aware of the special environment of the army and the administration of the VBS from the inside. Also inserts for the army abroad would be important. At the same time, all looking for a wide selection and do not welcome it, therefore, that Amherd narrows the criteria.

“The Reservoir is not of higher staff officers so gross. The a come from technical reasons, not out of the question, the others do not want or do not want to x-ray. That’s why it is good that now not only professional military come into the picture,” says the CVP-politicians Isidor Baumann (UR, 63).

Also SP-national councillor Priska Seiler count (ZH, 50) welcomes the widest possible field of Candidates: “From a political point of view, we would of course like to someone who is not already eternally present in this System. But much more important is that the new Army leaders represent the future and the military for women and men more attractive.”

Rebord supports the Kronfavoriten

as the security expert of a large pool of Applicants welcome, you can restrict this with various criteria: multi-language, social, media fit, not too old, the New is supposed to be. The closest outline of the retiring army chief Rebord selection: Ideally, his successor, from the arms come. Because only in this circle have a total overview, while the other Divisionäre and Foreman were working in their “Silos” and a longer training time is needed.

And so it is not surprising that yesterday in the Federal government in Bern were to hear again and again the same name. Kronfavorit in many of Claude Meier (54), chief of armed forces staff and as a perfectly bilingual armor, the chief is a Central figure in the procurement of the new air defense.

From the relatively small group of Divisionäre could commander also Daniel Keller (55), of Higher cadre training, and military and political adviser to Melchior Albrecht Stoller (57) the leap onto the candidate merry-go-round. “Intact Outside chance” – Thomas Süssli granted, the chief of the leadership base of support. His disadvantage: He is 51, almost too young.