In the case of two titles he was in goal in 1999 when HC Lugano and 2002, the HC Davos. Now Lars Weibel (44) in the last three seasons as the Director of the EVZ Academy, and by the way, SRF-TV-expert, the new national chief of the hockey Association.

The Schwyzer is a switch successor of Raeto Raffainer, has decided after the successful work with Swiss Ice Hockey (most recently the 2018 world Cup-silver), as head of sports, playing for HC Davos.

Weibel in the Endausmarchung against a referee-in-chief, Andreas Fischer and Lugano-managing Director and Ex-national team striker Jean-Jacques Aeschlimann.

Already at the world Cup in may in Bratislava to Weibel look Raffainer on the shoulder.

Weibel: “It is exciting,”

in the Meantime, the Association has confirmed the VIEWS of the research. “Thanks to his long career as a national player and professional Lars knows Weibel, the Swiss ice hockey and the demands of today’s professional players,” said SIHF President Michael Rindlisbacher in a media release.

“The Post as Director of National Teams, for me, is extremely appealing to me and I am very much looking forward to face this challenge,” Lars quoted by Weibel. As a former national player (44 games) bring it to a strong identification with and enthusiasm for the Swiss national teams: “It will be exciting, with the Coaching Staffs to work together, the programs of the various levels to further develop and jointly pursue a path and strategy of Swiss Ice Hockey to pursue.”