Ruthless, foul-mouthed media mogul Logan Roy in the TV hit ‘Succession’ is in a way a sympathetic character, Scottish theater and movie actor Brian Cox, who’s become an international celebrity thanks to the role, told RT.

“All he is trying to do is find a successor for his firm. It may be a horrible firm, but that’s all he is trying to do… and his kids are being persistently disappointing,” Cox said of Roy, in an interview on the The Alex Salmond Show.

Over the show’s season, Roy’s kids’ behavior becomes increasingly appalling, Cox added, as if they’re entitled to inherit his media empire. That part is a satirical commentary on the general trend of people taking the view that they’re owed things in life, the actor added.

“Everybody thinks they are entitled now. And you go: ‘no, you are not’,” he said. “And out of that we’ve got ‘woke’ and ‘cancel’ culture, and it’s become really a kind of liberal fascism that’s happening at the moment.”