A life without dialysis. Jeff Tomlinson is not realized, eleven days after the kidney transplant, the Dimension of meaning. “I don’t understand correctly, I must inform my daily life in the future, after my disease and the dialysis,” says he, “that changed my life”.

The Lakers coach, who suffered from kidney Cysts, is still in a special hospital in Halle (De). He sounds exhausted on the phone. Understandable. It hasn’t even been two weeks since he has to get in a four-hour surgery, the kidney of his younger brother. Darryl Tomlinson (47) was able to leave the hospital last Thursday after a week. He is since then in Düsseldorf with his sister-in-law to rest until he can fly back home to Canada. “That Darryl has taken this pain, and me also says that he would do it again immediately, him I can’t say thank you enough.”

Jeff Tomlinson still has a long recovery in front of him. The 49-Year-old is likely to need to stay until the end of this week in the transplant center. It studies daily. It is checked whether the donor kidney is accepted by the body. The medication must be properly set. Tomlinson will be dependent all his life on tablets, also regular follow-up examinations will be necessary.

infection was lightly made

The biggest Surprise for Tomlinson, however, was, as his Doctors reported that he had three kidneys in his body. “I was amazed already.” Because the kidneys are diseased, is still a minimal residual function, that gave the Doctors no reason to remove them.

“Over the worst now I am over it.” Only setback the Canadians had to plug it in, as it is a slight infection weakened early last week even more. This got the Doctors but rapidly in the grip, you are now with the healing course of satisfied.

Still, Tomlinson is still so exhausted that he spends most of his time in bed. He can eat only in the last few days. “I’m still pretty weak. When I wanted to look at the record of our games, I had to cancel after the first half.” To tired head and body.

The support of all to help him

During the absence of his Coach has lost the SCRJ all four games. The Tomlinson, whose heart is for the Lakers to not put away, just like that. “In some moments I wish I could help somehow,” he admits. But he is simultaneously aware of the fact that this Operation was important for his further life. “As a result, I can be a better husband, father and coach.” The support of the club, its players and its environment, to help him to recover. “I’m on a good path.” to be able to

His return in the Hockey-everyday life is already on a set date, but it is still difficult. The optimal Plan was, that he the home game on the 16th. November coaches again. “Everything is possible, but from the rest of the healing process-dependent. As soon as I feel so good to be in the gang to return, I’ll do it.”