Doors in all stations opened in the metro and at the Moscow Central diameters (WDC), which will allow passengers to observe social distance and once again not be in contact with the surfaces during the period of the spread of coronavirus infection. About TASS reported the Deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov.

"We have fixed in the open position the outer door at the entrance to the lobbies of all metro stations and the IDC. As a result, passengers will be less contact with surfaces, and it will be easier to observe social distance. This measure will allow to increase ventilation and to improve natural ventilation at the stations," he said.

In early April, the WDC began to further disinfect trains mobile generators of cold vapor, which destroys almost 100% of germs, and also increased the intensity of the sanitation stations from 3 to 12 times a day. Metro has installed automatic sanitizer for the treatment of hands.

From April 22 for travel in city public transport of Moscow and Moscow region you can only use the card "Troika", "Arrow" or the social card of the inhabitant of Moscow or the Moscow region.