Despite the tank discount, fuel prices could increase significantly at the beginning of June. Economics Minister Robert Habeck does not rule this out. If consumers avoid petrol stations in the next few days to collect the rebate in the first days of June, this could push up fuel prices, the minister said.

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) has not ruled out that the tank discount could lead to higher fuel prices should the demand for petrol increase by leaps and bounds.

Habeck emphasized to RTL/ntv that the federal government’s tank discount would “directly” reach consumers, but: “Of course, a situation is also conceivable in which everyone no longer fills up in the last week of May and everyone on go to the gas station on the first of June. Then the demand is much greater and petrol suddenly becomes an even more precious commodity and then we lowered the price, but in fact it is going up.”

This would then depend on what is happening on the market and would “then calm down again”, according to Habeck. With regard to the price of oil, the Federal Minister of Economics emphasized that the prices were formed by speculation on the market – triggered above all by “Putin’s war”. Habeck added: “Anyone who is angry because of the high prices at the gas stations should rightly be angry with Putin, that’s where it all comes from.”

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