The average cost of tariffs with unlimited mobile Internet in Russia has increased since the end of last year by 47% to RUB 887,5, follows from the data of Content Review. Subscribers such rates overload the network, which became particularly problematic for operators during a pandemic, experts say. Operators translate this service into the category of premium subscribers at block tariffs in which the cost of 1 GB continues to decline.The average value of the rate of cellular with unlimited Internet in Russia from Dec 2019 to July 2020 rose by 47% to RUB 887,5, to the report of the Agency Content Review, which read “y”. In contrast, the average price of 1 GB of mobile Internet in the rest of the rates for the same period decreased by 15.5%, from 37.3 to 31.5 RUB Russia, thus, has retained the sixth place in the ranking of countries with the cheapest mobile Internet, ahead of Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Singapore, but behind India, Indonesia, Israel, Algeria and Kazakhstan (see chart). In the world average price for 1 GB in the ruble equivalent rose in seven months, on average, from RUB 187 to 188,4 This, according to the Content Review, including due to a premium for the connection in the individual countries the new standard 5G communication. Unlimited mobile Internet in the world in July cost an average of 3981 rbl., and in December — 3181 RUB Unlimited Internet in Russia from the category of available services are classified as premium, to the report. “This is largely due to the high workload of mobile networks subscribers who purchase unlimited tariffs, which worsened during a pandemic, and regime isolation”,— says the head of the Content Review Sergey Polovnikov. This was the main reason for the refuse from unlimited tariffs in almost every fifth country in the world, he said. The average cost of the minimum package rates mobile communication in Russia in the first half rose by 8% to RUB 291, reported by “Kommersant”, July 8, with reference to the evaluation Content Review, the increase was associated with the need to compensate for lost revenues due to the regime self-isolation.Unlimited calling overload the network for a long time their cost in Russia were unreasonably low, but now operators are moving to economically justified prices, translating the service into the category of premium, I agree investment Manager at “OTKRITIE Broker” Timur Nigmatullin.The cost impact and demand growth in the period of the coronavirus, while the throughput of the network operators has remained at the same level, he said. At the same time, according to Mr. Nigmatullina, it is impractical to compare the cost of communication around the world in rubles, because the currency depends on oil prices and weakened during the crisis, which means that in rubles, the cost may remain at the same level, while in dollars will rise. It would be logical thoto Nivat the cost of 1 GB of Internet and communication services in General towards the average GDP per capita of the country, he said.Despite the flaws in the research methodology, we must admit that this indicates a problem, says the managing partner of AC&M Mikhail Alekseev. “The cost of mobile communication in Russia is four times lower than the world average, and unlimited mobile Internet 30% cheaper than India, and 50% than in China. With GDP per capita in Russia, according to the world Bank, almost four times higher than in India, and two times than China,” he said.Cheap unlimited calling, says Mr. Alekseev was a weapon of competitive wars of the Russian operators in 2018-2019, but now the attraction of new customers has ceased to be a priority. “The market has reached the level of pre-saturation, the struggle for his share at any cost is difficult to justify economically,” he concludes.Unlimited calling does not have to be drivers, and the only factor of consumer choice, their cost should be economically justified, I agree in “VimpelCom”. They believe that the optimal block tariffs constructed depending on consumption volume. MTS believe that the vast majority of subscribers with a stock of enough mobile Internet packages on the most popular tariffs, and unlimited offers be a niche product for those who do download large amounts of data.Julia Silence