Submariners celebrate professional holiday today

Every year on March 19 servicemen, veterans and civilian personnel of the submarine forces of Navy of Russia celebrate their professional holiday — day of the submariner. On this day in 1906 by decree of Emperor Nicholas II in the classification of ships of the Navy included a new class of warships — submarines.

the Museum of the Arctic especially popular among the visitors enjoyed the exhibition dedicated to the history of one of the most legendary in the world of the fourth squadron of diesel submarines of the Northern fleet.

the Museum was opened to the 120th anniversary of the city of military glory, with the support of Union veterans of the 4th squadron of submarines of SF and with a dedicated presidential grant. According to GTRK “Murman”, the squadron was created on the eve of the Cuban missile crisis and its four submarines took an active part in it.

Chief curator historical Museum of the city Oleg Polar Verbin said: “the Main task of the 4th squadron and the squadron — not to allow the Americans to make a nuclear attack from ships on the Soviet Union. All crises, all wars, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the revolution in Egypt — all this took place on just such nerves of divers who left from the Polar and served in the Mediterranean sea”.

Text: GTRK “Murman”