here we See the next Subaru XV? The blue study Viziv Adrenaline Concept at the Geneva auto salon, which has the same compact dimensions as the popular Crossover.

The Japanese did not want to comment yet. Basically, the 4×4 specialist has covered what the study exactly. Information are scarce, and technical data there is practically not at all.

future Subaru might look like

What then is the meaning of the Viziv Adrenaline Concepts? It is a Design study and presented for the first time, Subaru’s new Design philosophy of “Bolder”. Thus, the concept vehicle provides a glimpse of how the future models of the 4×4 could look like experts.

Whether it really create all of the styling elements in the one or the other Subaru model in the future. The unique roof we doubt it at least something. The plastic cladding is likely that we will see, however, sooner rather than later.