Stylist Pugacheva was horrified from Elena Stepanenko:

According to Rovals have Stepanenko taste “was not” and she needs to change everything – hair color, styling and especially the makeup.

“I don’t know who her that draws?! The horror at all!”, noted stylist in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

it is Noteworthy that Revels in the past collaborated with Stepanenko, and then she “listened”, but after their business relationship ended, the stylist more “could not run after her.” Now, according to him, Stepanenko looks so that no one will be able to “excite”. The expert believes that it is necessary to seriously invest in the services of hairdressers. However, the star is very greedy, he complained.

“our stars at all the trouble with taste. No matter how much advise our artists, they don’t want anything,” said Revels.

So many Russian celebrities look like “Scarecrow”.

it is Worth noting that over the past two years Stepanenko has changed a lot, losing weight from 110 kg to 68. According to her, she achieved such a result due to portions of 5-6 meals a day. Each portion was very small and “fit in the palm of your hand”.

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