Looking for a real eye-catcher? With its new motorola edge30 neo, Motorola offers a smartphone that is not only colorful and modern, but also looks extremely stylish.

Of course, the inner values ​​are also important. But when a new smartphone presents itself as fashionable as the ultra-stylish motorola edge30 neo, the first thing that catches the eye is the trendy housing. The well-known brand would like to be more colorful in the future and bring more color into the lives of users.

To this end, Motorola is entering into a long-term partnership with the color experts at Pantone. The Pantone Color Institute, which it says is an “authority on color matters”, has been choosing the color of the year since 2000. This is intended to inspire companies from a wide variety of areas, including product design and fashion.

Accordingly, the edge30 neo is available in four Pantone colors – above all in “Very Peri”, the Pantone color of the year 2022. This makes the smartphone just as trendy, imaginative and innovative as its users. According to Pantone, the color, which is reminiscent of the blooming lavender fields of Provence, is, among other things, “a symbol for the global zeitgeist of the moment”. She was inspired by another plant: the periwinkle, in English: evergreen.

“Very Peri” can be wonderfully combined, and so the smartphone can be another popular accessory for a trendy look alongside the clutch or earrings. How about flared trousers or a maxi skirt in Very Peri and a top in shades of green, cream or beige that go great with it? This makes the edge30 neo a stylish must-have for fashion-conscious people who don’t want to make any compromises.

On the other hand, the smartphone is of course much more than just an accessory. The edge30 neo expresses big dreams and hopes just as much as the individual side of each user. It is not for nothing that the smartphone series has the motto “find your edge” and also shows the willingness to explore creative boundaries and think outside the box. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a little mysterious or simply want to show good taste.

Users not only show that they have their finger on the pulse with the color of the device, but also, for example, with the built-in camera system with a 64-megapixel sensor or the 32-megapixel front camera. This allows creative ideas to be translated into razor-sharp photos in any light, for example during a spontaneous fashion shoot with friends.

The smartphone always remains very handy. The device weighs only 155 grams and is only 7.75 millimeters thin. It rests comfortably in the hand even when used for a long time and finds its place in the clutch that matches the look.

Despite the compact design, users do not have to make any compromises here either, because a processor with eight cores and eight gigabytes of RAM provide sufficient performance in any situation. The edge30 neo is just as reliable and fashionable when shopping as when partying, relaxing on the couch or on an adventurous city trip.

Surfing, playing games, checking Insta, streaming series … no problem. The smartphone offers endless entertainment – and thanks to the bright 6.28-inch OLED display and Dolby Atmos support, it’s also a lot of fun. When Lady Whistledown divulges secrets in “Bridgerton”, for example, it is just as gripping on the edge30 neo as when political fantasy intrigues are spun in “House of the Dragon”.

Since the motorola edge30 neo also supports the 5G standard, new apps can be downloaded quickly and there should be no interruptions when streaming music, series or films in the highest quality. Video calling your best friend shouldn’t be a problem either, even if WiFi isn’t available at the time.

Users also do not have to worry about the battery, which offers power for the whole day. According to the manufacturer, the battery even lasts up to two days and can be refueled quickly via a 68W TurboPower quick charging function if the smartphone does have to be plugged in. Just ten minutes should be enough for the whole day. Alternatively, users can also charge the smartphone wirelessly.

From September 9th, 2022, the motorola edge30 neo will be available in four Pantone colors for EUR 399.99. Then users can let more color into their digital life!

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