Us President Donald trump became less sleep once headed the US, and therefore became more unhappy and angrier. To such conclusion researchers from the Columbia University in its new report “late bedtime predicts the behavior of the President trump,” the newspaper writes PsychNewsDaily.

the researchers analyzed the tweets that the White house has published on his page, starting from January 2017 till April 2020, and based on them calculated how much the average tramp is sleeping. It turned out that in 2017 its activity on Twitter from 11 in the morning until two in the morning increased by 317 percent. But if at the beginning of his presidential term, he allowed himself to linger in social networks long after midnight only once a week, as of April 2020 I have to do it three times a week. And when you consider that he’s steadily beginning to “tweet” at six in the morning, then at least in these three days, he clearly laid sleeping less than 7-8 hours.

And it can not affect his mood and performance, the researchers said. They found that the next day after such “late at night” subscribers trump on Twitter put it tweets an average of 7 400 likes less make 1 less than 300 retweets and leave for 1 400 less answers. In addition, the President becomes less “happy” and more irritable, as evidenced by his performances and interviews, preceded by just midnight tweets in the White house.