Study signs of life on Mars is delayed due to coronavirus

Beginning the search for life on Mars delayed by two years. From 2020 to August-September 2022 postponed the launch of the Russian-European ExoMars-mission 2020. Cause called force majeure. Coronavirus COVID-19 almost completely stopped the possibility of joint work of experts from different countries, explained the General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin.

Rogozin admitted that the decision is difficult, but reasonable. It is due to the requirement of maximum reliability of all systems of the spacecraft “Eczemas”. Force majeure due to coronavirus brought opportunities for business partnerships to zero, explains Dmitry Rogozin, the website of Roscosmos.

Dmitry Rogozin is confident that the measures taken by Russian specialists and their European colleagues for the project is justified and will bring positive results in the implementation of the mission. This first revision of the software and to conduct additional tests of parachute systems. In may and August 2019 test of the parachute system failed: the parachutes were discovered several radial tears, which can lead to loss of the spacecraft.

the Parties want to be 100% sure in successful implementation of the mission, said the head of the European space Agency (ESA) Johann-Dietrich wörner. He added that he will not allow the slightest error probability. The postponement of the launch will allow time for additional testing, which will ensure safe flight and to maximize the scientific mission to Mars.

the Second phase of the mission will begin with launch of the carrier rocket “proton-M” with the upper stage “breeze-M” from Baikonur cosmodrome. ExoMars mission-2020 is designed to study the surface of Mars, its atmosphere and climate. On Mars, the Rover will be delivered to “Rosalind Franklin” with installed nine scientific instruments. The landing platform on Mars called “groom”.

a New start time spaceth device is selected based ballistic conditions. They allow you to launch from Earth to Mars every two years, within two short-term window of 10 days duration each.

the who declared pandemic coronavirus in the world. It is now covered 114 countries. Coronavirus picked up 112 of 391 thousand people, victims of the virus were 4 thousand 576 patients. The first death from the coronavirus was recorded in Poland – died 57-the summer woman.

Russia has registered 28 cases of coronavirus infection. Among the infected was the first child. Bright clinical manifestations of coronavirus as yet. The disease runs in the form of light. But for the Russian economy losses from reduced business activity and trade turnover with China may reach $ 18 billion.