There might yet remain to 2020, the wage increase actually more than a few crumbs in his wallet. These happy customers spread the “NZZ on Sunday”. For the first time since 2016, the employee could be expected with a considerable increase in salary, it means.

The reason: According to an analysis of the portal “wage” a rise in wages in the coming year by an average of 1.1 percent. Less of the Swiss national Bank SNB inflation forecast of 0.2 percent, a real wage growth of 0.9 percent, would remain thus.

low unemployment puts companies under pressure reinforced the success of the past years, it was called from the Portal to the newspaper. The companies give so the productivity increases of the past at last more. You must also partly because of a low unemployment rate of 2.1 workers sitting in wage negotiations, often at the longer lever. Especially in industries with a shortage of skilled workers.

However, the cornucopia is not distributed over all the employees – only one third of the companies granted a General wage increase. The strongest wage increases in the sectors of information technology, pharmaceuticals and chemistry. In the sectors of health, hospitality and education companies are significantly penny-pinching. (koh)