Many industries, with hundreds of thousands of employees are in a state of upheaval. Digitization has swept away business models, completely changing job Profiles and the work world completely on its head. For example, in the financial sector, in retail trade or in the media.

The change requires the company’s all – and therefore also its employees. You need to be agile and flexible, should work best today so that your company is morning yet on the market.

Bad for health

This flexibility and agility is called in the language of Managers “agility”. Most of them have already heard, whether you want to or not.

Now, a representative survey conducted by the Outplacement consultants von Rundstedt over 1500 leaders, including many from the personnel area, Amazing – or frightening shows: “agility” is bad for the health. Want to be called: The constant change suggests to the employees on the health. In the reverse conclusion: the one Who closes the change is so wasted, lives will be healthier.

This statement is in the affirmative in the study, which is a VIEW already and will be released on Wednesday, nearly two-thirds of the respondents. “I’m surprised by this result ourselves,” says Pascal Scheiwiller (46), the study Director and CEO of the company von Rundstedt.

Scheiwiller has a statement for the company unfortunate result: “The need to constantly change the many people of the substance, means for many of the employees Stress.”

And the result is: Who does not let change, the done often in addition to new tasks is also a part of the previous work. A double burden – before the less Mobile, immune to, the chair, an adhesive.


The Problem is that the change In no way around it. Companies that do not move, disappear. The have recognized the company, but only partially drawn the right conclusions.

the study shows that, In the professional development of the employees, 62 percent of employers are investing in. In the personal development of their employees, compared to only 39 percent.

Scheiwiller warns: “companies need to care about your employees, help them to digest the change.” And their resilience to change – also the companies are doing much too little!

new hires cost time and money

chair of adhesive need not fear to be suddenly replaced, such as welding, Willer says. “Companies can’t afford to constantly be hiring new people, meet the current requirements.” The employees to support the change, be the much cheaper option. And the companies know of course.

It is therefore important to get especially the chair glue into the boat.

in the Short term, better health is a benefit, but could turn into the opposite. This is because the more the work world is changing, the more likely it threatens the armchair adhesives that you are placed on this chair in front of the door! And that is really bad, at least for mental health.