In the end the school year started in schools online-training, but kindergartens remain closed indefinitely. In some universities of South Korea just recently started to resume in some cases lectures in standard mode, but so far basically all takes place in a mode of videoconferences. In schools all the lessons are still online only.

this form of work in Korean schools have been preparing ever since the end of February – beginning of March. Was conducted trial classes to check the connection mode, and how to deal with it students. So when it came to the actual lessons online, the mass failure was not, as everything was fixed in advance. Of course, at first not everyone was accustomed to study in this mode, and this applies to both teachers and students. Nonetheless, Koreans in General are “friends” with the latest technology, because natelnyh no problems.

regarding the Internet and electronic devices, from this perspective, Korea is also almost no problems. The country is small, the population a lot, and the standard of living is very high. In addition, South Korea consistently ranks first in the world in Internet speed and coverage. Simply put, in Korea it is difficult to find a place that is not covered by the Internet.

the same can be said about the electronic device. It is very difficult to find Koreans without a smartphone, computer or tablet. Was a minor part of the pupils of primary school who come from poor families and did not have smartphones, but this problem is quickly solved by buying electronic devices at the expense of local or Central authorities.