as a Regular activity the Chinese meditative practice of qigong can help in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infection in the elderly. This is the conclusion reached by the researchers, whose article published in the journal of the American Association for geriatric psychiatry.

“Existing biological and psychological evidence suggests that qigong may be potentially useful for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of respiratory infections, including COVID-19. In particular, older people may benefit by practicing qigong during the ongoing pandemic, especially given that the classes of this discipline are not difficult,” the article says.

earlier this year, during the outbreak of coronavirus in China qigong is used to treat patients with mild form of the disease.

the Practice of qigong is believed to help the immune system, regulating the processes in the human body. It provides an opportunity to reduce stress and strengthen the respiratory muscles, relieve inflammation. In particular, it is recommended to do the so-called “abdominal breathing” to help decrease the level of anxiety.

“Deliberately move your abdomen when you inhale: bend your abdominal muscles and allow them to fall inward when you exhale, focusing on your breathing. Don’t hold your breath,” recommend the authors. They also suggest to practice a few sets of qigong exercises such as Ba Duan Jin (BA Duan Jin) and Liu Zi Jue (Liu zi Zhu).