Study: most often steal in the trade

of all the companies in the service sector often suffers from retail, according to the research of security companies.

After analyzing more than 500 thousands of accidents, in the trade often had to call a rapid response team (RRT) in 2019.

the Reason for 37 percent of the operational trips for shopping have become objects of theft or attempt thereof, RIA Novosti quoted the study.

Two-thirds of the visits had at the stores of major retail chains. “15 prozentov cases of detention of thieves was carried out in other types of grocery stores,” according to the study.

About 40 percent of the arrests occurred in retail chain stores. And only 11 percent of arrests accounted for a brick and mortar grocery stores and alkomarketov, cafes, bars and restaurants. On the second place on frequency of accidents — hotels and banks with a share of the detention of 4 and 3 percent, respectively.

catering is the leading event with public order offenses – 13 percent of cases. This occurs most often in cafes, bars and restaurants (35 percent), grocery stores (31%), hostels and small hotels (23 percent of incidents).