characters of the film Director Alexei Kobylkova – Russian-speaking people living in different cities of Europe: entrepreneurs, freelancers, doctors, actors, students. During the month 36 participants recorded video diaries about life in isolation.

“Along with the characters the viewer is experiencing the whole gamut of emotions from humility and attempts to find positive aspects to a complete rejection of the situation. At the same time we can see how changing the streets, passers-by disappear and empty playgrounds, queues in shops. Together with the audience the Director is trying to figure out how the spread of coronavirus forms a new sense of reality and personal space”, – is told in the materials of the painting, prepared by the Gorky film Studio.

“the Insulation, which actually turned out to be the whole world, for many turned into a clash with his own loneliness, – says the creative producer of the film Studio. Gorky Anastasia Rytina, – we were interested in whether our heroes are ready for such changes in their lives, as reflected isolation in their personal life, business and how each of them will manage hours of loneliness”.

soon the film goes to travel to major international film festivals, where it awaits serious competition.

the film’s Producers: Lika Blank, Juliana Slaschova, Rytina Anastasia, Ekaterina Stroganova, Papuna Pipia, Valentine Nedobezhkin. Heroes Tanya Was Found, Maria Kopylova, Paulina Altshuler, Masha Gudova, Regina Stamp, Ruslan Barshchevsky.