Scientists at University College London, UK, proved that frequent hand washing is effectively connected with a lower risk of Contracting a coronavirus and is a good way of prevention. Thus it is necessary to wash their hands from six to ten times a day. The authors, who published in the journal Open Wellcome Research.

In research took part 1633 of the person, the majority of which was over 16 years. The presence of coronavirus infection was determined by strokes of the nasal cavity. The volunteers also reported how often they complied with hand hygiene day. The frequency of hand washing was defined as low (five times a day or less), medium (6-10 times per day) and high (more than 10 times a day).

It turned out that a moderate hand washing is associated with reduced risk of coronavirus infection by 36 percent. More frequent hygiene did not lead to further reduction of risk.

According to dermatologists, apply antiseptics for disinfection of the hands is not more than two times a day. While decontamination preparations to use, it is recommended only to those who happen in public places. Too frequent hand washing with soap and excessive use of antiseptics can dry up the skin.