Students in the Kemerovo region was asked to write an essay on the amendments to the Constitution

In schools of the Kemerovo region the students of the ninth grade was asked to write an essay about the amendments to the Constitution, initiated by Vladimir Putin. About it reported in the administration of school No. 10 of the city Tashtagol.

the school said that the works are accepted in the framework of a municipal contest, and the all-Russian youth competition “My legislative initiative”. An essay on the Constitution proposed to write a ninth grade students who have chosen social studies to pass the state final certification. Officials noted that students can opt out of this theme, but there were those who agreed.

that in the Kuzbass students asked an essay on the topic “Amendments to the Constitution – our future”, previously reported the newspaper “Sibir’. Realities” with reference to the father of one of the students. According to him, for refusing to write an essay the teacher threatened to put a deuce.

Parents believe that 14-year-old students given obscure topic, and officials “expect pink snot on the theme bright future, assured his support of the vote for the amendment”. “So they manipulate children and their parents, which, of course, will help their children to get straight as, pouring into the pages all the oil that they managed to extract from the TV. We certainly have written differently. In such circumstances, I do not see anything wrong with that, to take an active part in the implementation of this homework, especially because I did it for the first time in life,” said the man. He also said that the schools of Tashtagol has launched a competition themed posters about the amendments to the Constitution.

Recall key to change the basic law would enable Vladimir Putin to run again for President and be in power until at least 2036. Among other amendments – references to the Russian language as the language of the “constituent people”. This formulation paves the way for chauvinism, noted in a statementand the Free historical society.

in addition, the amendments provide the redistribution of powers between the branches of government, the priority of Russian laws over international law, enshrines the concept of marriage as the Union of man and woman.

the amendments to the Constitution became a topic for school essay despite the fact that even the experts can’t always decipher their meaning, and the Kremlin are unable to help them. In addition, Russians are wary of the presidential initiative to amend the Constitution, which Putin himself promised not to do for two decades. According to the “Levada-center”, 47% of Russians believe that the amendments to the Constitution is necessary primarily in order to allow the incumbent President to retain power after 2024. Putin claimed that the amendment “dictated by life,” not his desire to stay in power.

Experts note that the total content of Putin’s initiatives is still not completely understandable for citizens: clarifications from the authorities is not enough. Moreover, the amendments themselves are contrary to the law, not interconnected, and the vote they will be submitted as a single package, effectively denying citizens the right to vote for each amendment separately.

the aim of the amendments can’t solve, and scientists. Many experts drew attention to the strange, confused, and tautological phrase, which contributed to the draft amendments the President Putin: “the Russian Federation, United by a thousand-year history, preserving the memory of ancestors who have conveyed to us the ideals and faith in God, and the continuity of the development of the Russian state, recognizes the historically established state unity”. Philosopher and literary critic Mikhail Epstein has called this statement absurd and illiterate.

In a rush of power ready to be included in the basic law, any wording that may seem to some to be significant. However, a number of options pbars actually offer to return to Russia in the very distant past. For example, Putin offered to write the basic law that children are “an essential property of the Russian Federation”. Critics of this proposal pointed out that the word “domain” is synonymous with “property”, and remembered serfdom abolished in the XIX century.

In the end, the amendment about children – “property” of the state decided to adjust. Lawmakers proposed the following new wording: “children are the most important priority of Russian state policy”.

the Norm of the ideals of their ancestors and faith in God in the Constitution will coexist with the wording that Russia is a secular state. The Constitution proposed that Russia “honors the memory of Fatherland defenders and protect the historical truth”.

the Meaning of these innovations, which, as Putin said, the will to live “several generations” Russians are not even able to explain in the Kremlin. For example, the question of what exactly God had in mind the authors of the amendments, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has answered evasively: “I think it will be clarified in a timely manner”. On specifying question, whether will publish a separate Federal law, Peskov replied in the negative.

on March 11 in “emergency mode”, for two hours, the amendments were adopted by both chambers of the Russian Parliament. Against them is not made by a single member, and only one Senator Vyacheslav markhayev not approved the bill. Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin put the thumbscrews on MPs, so they made the “right” decision on amendments. “Those who did not vote for such proposals needs to understand that people then with a pencil will walk and see the names of those who did not support these and other standards,” he said Volodin. It quoted RBC.

14 March, the Federation Council must record the voting results of regional parliaments, then Putinruled in the constitutional court inquiry about conformity of the amendments of the Constitution. And on April 22 we will hold a national vote on the amendment.