Students English grammar school will spend 14 days in isolation after a trip to London

the Students of English gymnasium, Magadan, as well as teachers and the Director of the institution Tatiana Smolina arrived from the UK, where there are already more than 9 thousand cases of diseases of coronavirus infection in Moscow. The students are now in the Metropolitan hotel , informs GTRK “Magadan”.

As the Minister of education and youth policy of the region Angela Surge, they observe all precautions. Teachers and children tickets to Magadan purchased on March 31. Now the group is trying to change the date of departure on this Sunday, however, not yet obtained.

Note that the day before yesterday changed the rules for the prevention of coronavirus in international airports. The Russian government has instructed to check not only check the status of arrivals from abroad of citizens with the moon, but immediately upon arrival to take samples of biomaterials to test the presence of the disease. All arrivals receive the decision of the chief sanitary doctor of the country on a 14-day home quarantine for 14 days after returning to Russia. Information about those who came from abroad will be sent to medical institutions at the place of residence to monitor them.

Recall, a group of 14 students and three chaperones on March 23, went on tour to London, refusing to cancel the trip, despite the global pandemic and all warnings. Meanwhile, in the UK the number of confirmed cases is growing every day. The people of the region also did not appreciate the London voyage during the epidemic. Critical comments literally poured in on social networks.

members of the English school stated that there are no problems there. To foreign tour they have prepared in advance, we spent a lot of money, therefore, the refusal was considered unreasonable. However, the tour program had to cut back significantly. In VelikoBritain because of the threat of the spread COVID-19 imposed strict quarantine, the country is now under threat of a fine may not even leave the house without a good reason.

As explained in the Office of Rospotrebnadzor Magadan region on a 14-day self-isolation should leave not only students and teachers but also members of their families.

Text: GTRK “Magadan”