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– After I have paid all my bills I sit back with 800 dollars in a month if I’m only going to live in study support. Good luck with trying to get 30 dinners in it, ” says Life Celine Almsbakken.

She studies barnehagelærer by OsloMet, and is one of the two tredjedelene of Norwegian students who have worked part-time in order to be able to pay the rent, bills and food in the studietilværelsen.

But like many other 23-year-old now been laid off from his job as a result of koronakrisen.

When the students do not have the right to seek unemployment benefits, is the uncertainty around the future great.

I have been very much angry, for I thought initially that I would get unemployment benefits. I have worked a lot and thought that I can survive if I get it, ” says Almsbakken.

Life Celine Almsbakken has been completely dependent on biinntekten to get everyday to go around. If things are not improving, she is afraid that she must move home to the Tote.

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the Government will on Friday present a krisepakke to the students, but on Thursday, reports the ministry of education that this consists of the students in the 15. april will be paid stipend for the entire spring semester, and in addition there is the opportunity to take up additional loans of up to 26.000 million.

These measures will provide the students access to extra money quickly, ” says research and higher education, Henrik Asheim (H).

” I’m glad that we now have arrived at a good solution to remediate students who have lost important biinntekt.

Barnehagelærerstudenten responds, however, that there are more loans the students are going to get as compensation for the lost biinntekt, instead of a scholarship, or something more similar to unemployment benefits.

Anything is better than nothing, but I mean it in this case is poorly made with the thought that we also have been workers and contributed to the community, ” says Almsbakken.

– All others can receive unemployment benefits by the state free – why should not we also share in the benefits we have paid tax for?

Research and higher education, Henrik Asheim is satisfied with the new krisepakken, because it provides the students immediate funds to pay for living.

Photo: NRK Negative for many

– That this comes as a loan it can be critical for many, ” says Elise Klungtveit, the deputy head of the Organization for university and høyskoleutdannede (UNIO).

This organization represents, among other things, large parts of the country both teacher, nurse, police, and fysioterapistudenter.

– Some may have the capacity to absorb more loans, but for very many it will turn negative.

Klungtveit experience this as unfair and disturbing solution, and is afraid that it may lead to that some will make it so financially demanding that they must terminate their studies.

– Our students are those that should be emergency preparedness and response in the next place it comes to a crisis, and whether they are in the worst consequence drops out, it will weaken the community.

the Deputy leader of UNIO, Elise Klungtveit, says many students now are concerned, because they simply do not know what they have in store for the future.

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Wednesday this week, it was sent out a petition on behalf of the nation’s students, where it was claimed that:

the Support to Norwegian students who get inntektsbortfall as a result of koronapandemien must come in the form of scholarships. Support Norwegian students get in this crisis must be large enough to cover the student basisutgifter.

Those who have signed the petition is a Norwegian student organization, the Young Left, the Workers ungdomsfylking, the Socialist Youth, the Norwegian Liberal Studentforbund, Red Youth, the Norwegian Christian democratic party Youth, Green Youth, the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad, and the University – and higher education institutions.

– basically, we wanted to be a part of dagpengeordningen, but we’ve learned that in order to relieve the Nav, so we can also get our aid through The loan fund, says the head of the Norwegian student organization, Marte Øien.

” We’ve been very clear all the way that this must come as grants, not loans. Then one would end up with a heavier debt burdens that can have major consequences for the individual.

Øien says the NSO, is going to look carefully at the scheme and remind you that it also must be adopted in Parliament before it can step into force.

– So now we have to consider it and simply look at what we do.

Marte Øien is the leader in the Norwegian student organization. Basically, they wanted that the students should be a part of dagpengeordningen, but because of the lled to capacity with NAV have the students get a scheme through the Norwegian state educational loan fund in place.

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Students receive support from SW, MDG and Red, as already in the last week protested against that krisehjelpen to the students should come in the form of more loans.

– We want to go further than the other parties, which will that the support shall be converted to loans. It does not hold, and we will continue working to get the other parties to join at better solutions, ” said socialist left policy spokesperson, Mona Fagerås, to NRK in the last week.

Barnehagelærerstudent Life Celine Almsbakken believes it is important that the authorities also see the students ‘ situation and are doing what they can to make sure they will be able to have a safe future.

She has even been afraid that she must quit school and move home to Tote, if she is not getting everyday life in Oslo to go up. She knows of many people who have been inside the same thoughts.

I think it is poorly done if we who are the future to get a big challenge that we can’t be the good future that we really could have been, ” she says.

There are certainly many who have it worse than me, ” says student Life Celine Almsbakken. Therefore, she believes it is important that the authorities take steps to ensure the future of the students.

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Almsbakken tells us that she even has tried to improve the situation. She has tried to put down the rent in Oslo and she has signed up to be a substitute in industries that are still in operation. But so far no luck.

I have done what I can. It’s not like I just sit on my ass and wait for money either. There, I hope the authorities are watching.

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