Impressed by the Moscow Victory parade, which is June 24 to your TV saw the whole of India, the Indian dream factory bollywood has decided to make a film about the second world war. Invitation to the role of the Soviet soldier-liberator got stuck in the Indian state of Goa because of the quarantine, the Russian world champion in pankration (MMA) Paul Boloyangov.

whether our fighter to become a star of Indian cinema, “MK” has found out himself.

on 24 June on the red square in the framework of the Victory day parade marched the Indian military three types of troops. During the passage of the main settlement, the speaker noted the contribution of India to the victory over fascism. This footage was shown all major Indian TV channels.

Paul you were looking for Indian cinema?

Studio bollywood located in Mumbai, it is only 400 kilometers from Goa. So white people for crowd scenes and episodes of the casting managers are usually looking for in Goa. And here I am already famous person. Became them after have organized the quarantine cleaning local beaches forces stranded tourists. The local press calls me “the leader of the global environmental movement “Get itself around”” and compares with Greta Tumberg. Now my team just finish the movie, which was filmed for each of our Saturday cleaning areas. During these shots to me and a man came from bollywood. Said I was perfect for the role of the Russian soldier-the winner. I know, I’m the son of a soldier and a fighter.

What has changed as a result of your efforts cleaning?

For me the main thing that people around began to understand that polluting the places where they live, we commit slow suicide! Incineration of tons of plastics in India is not the personal affair of India, and concerns the whole planet. By the way, I started my struggle with the fact that I slept three nights on the beach when the local burned trash pile near my house. It is very toxic stench from the ashes! And then he and in the sea washed away! My war was victorious: the Indians finish in Goa a large recycling company. But at the beginning nobody believed that I will achieve something other than Indian prison and deportation!

– And I got a part in a movie! By the way, in Indian films the main characters usually fall in love, sing and dance, even if it is about the war. Ready?

– it will be Necessary – just sing! As for love, that the joint cleaning very brings! Our team “Get around me” during the quarantine came several sweet couples, all international. For example, our activists Elvira and Gareth – she’s Russian, he’s Scottish. There are other…

– You among them, I hope? You’re the man free, have every right!

– to be honest, I also finally met a girl that fits me! It’s Italian the writer Renata Lanzoni living in London and writing about domestic violence. She also got stuck in Goa due to quarantine. Renata is a real fighter for justice, and among modern women is rare! You should have seen the eyes of Renata when she learned that in Russia I can’t collect 100 thousand signatures under the initiative for the revision of the law, comparing incineration to recycling! At first I just couldn’t believe it. Says: “You have the same 140 million! This can’t be!” It’s a shame that in such a great country as Russia, people have such a low responsibility for their own environment.

Renata hates lies as well as I do. And in India, is, alas, more often than not. For example, after our work day on may 9 to us in Arambol came a Minister from the state government, accompanied by a delegation of a few dozen officials. They went and looked, shook his head, staring at a giant pile of broken toilets that we have collected. The Minister radiantly smiling at me and personally thanked… And that night on their official Instagram account wrote that the beaches dirtied shameless tourists, and removed, they say, government troops. It was a shame, of course!

In bollywood together with sweetheart will you go?

– Shooting will not begin before autumn, so Renata will have time to finish his business in Goa. Now we are promoting also a petition against noise pollution in India there is a law. But it persistently violate those rides in vehicles, emits a terrible noise that undermines the nervous system and the health of others.

But bollywood is interesting to me mainly because will allow me to make my combat pollution of the planet even more ambitious. If I will be glorified in Indian films, you will recognise me in the face the whole of India and not only. And then I can stop pollution not only in Goa but also in other States and even other countries. And, of course, in Russia. And Renata, my hope will be in this struggle always there for me.