the aim of the new DLV Initiative is to connect the Community via a digital Meeting Point on and the Social Media channels in times of increased Home Office: #true athletes@Home offers for all age classes from Young to Old a deal to stay fit and do something for the health.

Whether as a practice tip via Video, or as advice of our competence teams – almost all of the DLV units will participate with your Input. A Highlight is the daily school hour is a long jump champion Malaika Mihambo and your project heart jump. Also our cooperation partner an with beginners tips on the topic of Running, complemented by the Nike training App.

recipe ideas and Fitness for the whole family

From guided warm-up programs on detailed Fitness-Exercises to diet #true athletes@Home is an offer that will be presented for Everyone to understand and prepared with the involvement of all DLV-economic partners. Using a variety of media everyone is fit, if he adheres to the clear instructions. Anyone who participates, feels that it increases the mobility and health initiative, his Fitness and well – being – physically and mentally.

the individual movement programs are Supplemented with extensive nutrition tips and various recipes for the whole family. The DLV is very happy that he was able to not only win well-known athletes for the recipe number, but also the Star chef Sarah Wiener. Founded in 2007, the Sarah-Wiener Foundation, to engage in balanced and enjoyable food for children.

Social campaign: #true athletes@Home

On a Microsite on interested users will find the start of the Initiative a variety of offerings on the topics of physical and mental Fitness as well as diet and in addition, many link tips. This content will be continuously supplemented and updated.

at the same time, the common sport starts under the Hashtag #true athletes@Home on the Social Media channels Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as also interactive and bustle in times of Corona-pandemic. All Interested parties are encouraged to share valuable tips with the Community. A Challenge creates an additional incentive.

The German athletics Association (DLV) hopes that as many people as possible to participate in the Initiative #true athletes@Home, to remain together even in difficult times, mentally strong and physically fit with more athletics, more Service and more communication.

#true athletes@Home

This article was written by Peter Schmitt

*The contribution of “stronger Together – #true athletes@Home – DLV-Initiative, movement, Knowledge, and health” published by the DLV. Contact with the executives here.