April is the driest period of the year, and it characterizes also the week, we go in the meeting, report DMI.

the Week starts off windy and cool, while the weather gradually gets milder and warmer, as the days progresses.

Throughout the week will remain dry and sunny. It joins the duty meteorologist at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Henning Gisselø.

– We have a relatively peaceful week in the meeting, but it gets pretty windy today (Monday, red.) with fierce gales and strong gusts. Particularly out to the west Coast, he says.

the Temperature on Monday when, according to the weatherman is not over eight to nine degrees, while it becomes “beautiful sunny weather”, with a few clouds during the afternoon.

– Because we have such clear weather, we can get down to a few degrees of frost the night of Tuesday inside the country. Out by the coast keeps the water in the heat, says Henning Gisselø.

Nattefrosten absent on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, where there will be barely so much wind. All three days there will be sun and clouds, predicts the weatherman.

– Friday we turn up for the sun with lots of sunshine and up to 13 to 14 degrees. It will feel warmer than the other days.

– the Wind subsides, and the clouds are absent. In return, nattefrosten back, says Henning Gisselø.

The most recent time has seen a part of sunshine and dry weather, which characterises the april.

– this week we continue the dry period. April is the driest period of the year, so it is not unusual, says Henning Gisselø.

He airs in addition to the weekend already looks to be quite nice with sunshine.